Meet our Executive Committee Members. EMeWA has 9 EC members who serve voluntarily at different capacity to execute the associations vision and mission. 

                    Membership bylaw in the Resource Section and visit the EC Guideline for 2019 - 2021



Dr. Senait Beyene

She is President of Ethiopia Medical Women Association (EMeWA) and currently working at Ministry of Health- Ethiopia as a senior advisor to the Minister.

Before her current role, she has served as a CEO for the Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine and as a principal investigator for center of excellence for reproductive health at St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College in Addis Ababa.

Prior to joining St. Paul's, she worked for International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP) in Ethiopia as an associate director of the central technical department. She has also served MOH as program coordinator for improving maternal and newborn health. Senait received her MD and her MPH from University of Gondar.

 She is Married and mother of three beautiful children.


Vice President 

Dr. Lidiya Tefera

Dr Lidiya currently serves as the Medical services V/Provost at St. Paul’s Hospital. 



Dr. Kalkidan Alachew 

Dr Kalkidan did her primary and secondary education in lycee Gebremariam, undergraduate education at Gonder university and her residency in internal medicine in Tikur anbessa college of health sciences and currently a fellow in endocrinology. She Worked in Alert hospital since graduating, in various posts including as the director of emergency department. As fellow of young African leader’s initiative and Swedish institute management program she strives to work towards women in leadership.  She is Founder of EmeWa and served as EC in the previous term, and serving as secretary of the association since June 2019.


Finance Head 

Dr. Selamawit Eshetu 

Dr Selamawit grew up and finished high school in Bahir Dar. She did her undergraduate degree at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College and currently she is working on her thesis to complete MSc in Community Nutrition. During her stay in medical school, Selamawit lead faith based fellowship program as an extracurricular activity. The fellowship provided her a platform to strengthen her coordination and communication skills and paved the path towards a servant leader she always aspired to be.

After completing medical school, she was deployed to work in Adet Primary Hospital, a district hospital found in west Gojjam zone.  Selamawit valued the opportunity it provided her to serve the most underprivileged community in rural area and she lead a quality improvement unit that mainly battened on the maternal and neonatal health care service in the hospital.

After moving back to Addis, She worked at Federal Police Referral Hospital as a general practitioner and currently she is program coordinators of a project called Global Advocacy and Accountability program (GAAP) that aims to advance the international legal, policy and financial commitments to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right based in International Planned Parenthood Federation Liaison Office to African Union and UNECA (IPPF AULO).

Dr Selamawit is a volunteer and a passionate advocate of women’s health and right and is currently serving EMeWA as the youngest executive board member and finance head.


Members Admin and Public Relation Chair

Dr. Azeb Asaminaw 

Azeb Asaminew Alemu is a young Medical Doctor who specialized as a Psychiatrist. After her specialization, she worked as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in Debre Markos University for the past 3 years. She has also worked as the only Psychiatrist in Debre Markos Referral Hospital which serves 5million people. In her stay she has created a system for psychiatry education for medical students and was able to increase the capacity of the Hospital to accomodate more inpatients, with more staff who are trained to give psychological support in addition to biological treatment.

Her early experience in medical school in the Ethiopian Medical Students' Association helped her take on a more active role in life. She continues this role and is one of the founding members of MED (Mandela Ethiopia Doctors) a group formed by Doctors/Physicians of Mandela Washington Fellows which aims to form public platforms which focus on creating solutions in the healthcare system in Ethiopia. She is also an Executive Member and Public Relation Chair in the Ethiopian Medical Women's Association and works as a Public Relations officer in the Ethiopian Psychiatrists Association.

Azeb believes in the power of media for creating social change and therefore participates as an editor of a facebook page called 'Hakim' that strives for creating a bridge between the public and the healthcare workers.

She is part of Doctors in Action (DIA) network and currently work part time in Lebeza Psychiatry Center. She is on the final stages of publishing an Amharic interactive guidebook for parents and guardians to prevent and intervene in child sexual abuse.

She has recently moved to Addis Ababa in hopes of improving the mental health care system. For her achievements, she was awarded Ethiopian Medical Association's Young Physician Merit Award in 2020. She now leads the Mental Health and Psycho-social Support Team of FMOH's  Advisory Council on COVID-19.



Dr. Eden Fissaha

Eden Fesseha Woldeamanuel young general practitioner, went to Indian community school for primary Education and yenegewsew private school for secondary education, since her passion was to learn medicine she went to the first private medical college to obtain her medical degree, graded in 20 16 from HAYAT Medical college.

From 2016 - 2018 she Worked at Ethiopian Food, Medicine and health care administration and control Authority As Health Facility standard inspector, Health facility quality Expert and facility standard developing expert for three years.
During these times she was actively participating in developments and revisions of different health care facility standards, worked as team coordinator to execute nationwide assessments in different health care facilities.

Since 2019 she is working at FMOH at Maternal and child health directorate as Adolescent and youth SRH expert. Cofounder of EMWS currently…… of Ethiopian Medical Women's Association and is a member of our Executive Board since its establishment in 2017.

Since childhood, her passion was to help kids on the street and homeless elderly people to pursue that she took her first stape six months back, she managed to organize her closes friends and relatives to create Ahadu Meal Corner, which is a volunteerism act to feed one meal for street children in ADDIS .she is the

President and co-founder. 

During the EBOLA outbreak as there was a call for Health care providers, she worked at an Ethiopian public health institute as a health screening Expert for more than one year. 

Her most passion and belief is to give sustainable life for street children and Mothers. She has high enthusiasm to exercise Medical Ethics and law in her near feature.


Publication and Research Chair

Dr. Nebiyat Semeredin 

Dr. Nebiyat Semeredin is a Medical Doctor with a Specialization in Internal Medicine. She gained her undergraduate Medical Degree from Mekelle University College of Health Sciences and her Specialty training at Addis Ababa University College of Health Sciences.


In the past, she has worked as a lecturer at Debre Markos University, School of Medicine and she currently works as an Internist at Gesund Cardiac and Medical Center, a Private Hospital in Addis Ababa. She is one of the founders of Ethiopian Medical Women's Association and is a member of our Executive Board since it's establishment in 2017 and the National Coordinator for the Medical Women's International Association (MWIA-NC).

She is passionate about women empowerment, giving voluntary medical services and ensuring the quality of health care.


Continuing Medical Study Chair

Dr. Freweyni Abay 

Dr. Freweyni Abay is a Medical doctor, she gained her undergraduate Medical Degree from Hayat medical college of Health Sciences. She also holds a Computer science degree (BSc) from Mekelle university.

She has worked as a GP at Tirunesh Beijing hospital for two years and currently working at Menelik II hospital and Ethiopian airlines medical unit.

She is one of the founders of Ethiopian Medical Women's Association has worked as a finance head for the past 2 years for EMeWA and is a member of our Executive Board member as continuing medical study chair.

Passionate for equal opportunity for Womens in medicine, empowerment of women in leadership, gender equality and fighting for right of women in general.


Former President 

Dr. Haimanot Yeyesuswork 

Dr. Haymanot was the first president of EMeWA from the establishment in 2017 up until 2019.