Mentorship TOT for Female Physicians

Updated: May 21, 2020

A two days training was conducted to foster the culture of mentorship among female medical students and physicians.

The Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association with its aim of building the capacity of its members and future members has identified mentoring as one of the strategies to bridge the gap in medical schools. Therefore, a two days training or trainers was conducted on May 29-30 /2019, at Intercontinental Hotel, Addis Ababa..

The Goal is the inculcate a strong female -to -female mentoring culture at health facilities including teaching schools/Hospitals among physicians.

EMeWA believes Mentoring is the means to sustainability creating a well rounded, productive, confident, well networked profession in a nurturing medical environment. The mentorship training program was started with the plan of strengthening the mentorship programs in the medical colleges in the coming two years. The objective is to strengthen the capacity of Medical colleges on the Mentorship program they have. The training has a goal to engage and link female medical students with trained mentors by the end for the first round of training. 

Within this first round of TOT training. Eight medical colleges were invited and participants from 6 colleges. There were a total of 19 trainee’s participating in the training. 12 were from medical colleges and 7 were from EMeWA. Four trainers from AAU were involved in the training. The training was conducted for 2 days. It was an introductory training for the TOT. The second round training will be prepared in a short time to continue the efforts of EMeWA to bring sustainable mentorship culture.