Updated: Nov 13, 2020

There have been many grievances related to unemployment of physicians of Ethiopia in recent years and complaints have been brought to our attention by our members. Although there were efforts by the association to share vacancies for members via our telegram channels, the problem seemed to continue and no long-term solutions have emerged so far. Long lines of physicians are still seen while applying for a few openings and complaints of unemployed physicians is getting stronger and wider.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/1650347418338115/posts/3503685816337590/

Our association has made efforts to find the number of unemployed physicians in the country aggregated by gender, region and duration of unemployment, however, collection of such data proved to be resource intensive and beyond the capacity of the association. Therefore, we set out to do a qualitative survey with the primary objective of understanding the extent and depth of the current unemployment of physicians, how it is affecting them and contribute to the gap in knowledge and data.

We believe this is a key element in addressing the issue and finding sustainable and long-term solutions. We seek to give a bird’s eye view of the gap in practicing medicine from those currently employed, and what the job search looks like for those seeking employment and particular challenges of female physicians, thereby forwarding implications for sustainable strategies in curbing unemployment of physicians. We hope to contribute in informing the current perception of unemployment of physicians and the need for larger, extensive and multi-sectoral research regarding the issue by main actors in the healthcare system.

We wish to thank our research volunteers and all who participated in this survey.